1920’s Night / Sewanee

August 27, 2016

1920’s Night / FYP IS OVER

Sewanee has a tradition of ending the 2 week glorious period called FYP by having a grand ole party on the last night. We celebrated (FYP) the fact we had found our place and made many new friends. Each FYP group had a “theme” chosen by the mentors where we would dress ourselves by finding one item from Goodwill to wear. We had the option of a “oversized sweater” or “1920’s chic”! I chose this grey/black/silver dress and had to revamp it a bit. The necktie on the front was actually straps that I cut off-it worked well i think! I made my headband out of random things I could find in my room. LOL. I think it’s safe to say that I pulled off this 1920’s look with chic style. It goes to show you that you can make anything fashionable but only with confidence will it become a look to remember. I also wanted to comment on how easy it was to make this look modest and relevant! LACE MID TOP UNDERNEATH-PREVIOUS POSTS INCLUDE LINK & MORE INFO.

I would like to shout out to my amazing mentors Lam & Lauren for being the coolest. I can honestly say I love you guys-even when FYP is over. 🙂 You’re the bestest.

If you want to


Pink Lace Top: Forever 21

Dress: Goodwill

Babydoll Shoes: Dillard’s

Purse: Marshall’s (Chanel look alike)

Fur: Michael Kors

Head Piece: Jewell (Hobby Lobby) Diamond Strip (Random Item)

Alexa Dudley

P.S. Please be sure to check out my additional posts about my experience in FYP! I will be launching my youtube channel in the coming weeks- discussion topics will include: Back to School, 1st Year College Student, Finding Your Place, Fashion Trends, Dorm Designs & so much more!!!! DON’T MISS OUT! Also I hope to be sharing some student’s from Sewanee in their fashionable looks also asking a few questions about how dress affects your learning ability.


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