?? Floral Fancy ?? #arcamps16

June 30, 2016

Hands down this was my favorite nightmare service look at #arcamps16!!!!

“Floral Fancy”

This dress was so chic, yet so simple. I loved that I didn’t have to add anything to it!! It was so comfy too. I put my coach retro inspired mini with it + my Africa ankle strap heels for a nice finish. (I call them my Africa heels because they remind me of my beloved country & my mission trip) I was persuaded to do a dramatic middle part with a low & BIG FAN BUN by @hamemily!!! I was a little on the nervous side but loved it as soon as I was finished. The sleek look + my face shape made me love the middle part! It is def going to be something I try again. It was so easy too! I have to tell y’all that for the week of senior camp I broke my heat ban to style my hair. I promise I used heat protectant tho! For this hair I just used left over tease & curl! My favorite pictures are from this night too. The profile shot of me is now my profile pic on INSTA. Photo Creds & thanks to Molly Fader-so glad she came to camp this week. I had so much fun during late night & had some delish ice cream to sadisfy my taste buds. We watched some ball & HAD CHURCH. I mean to tell you Wednesday night service was incredible, it literally changed my everything. GOD IS SO GOOD. We are sleeping giants who are about to be wakened to do an amazing work for God. I haven’t had that good of church in all of my years of my life. That’s 18 years in church & camp night 3 was the best. It will resinate with me for the rest of my life!! 


Dress: Banana Republic!!!!

Coach vintage inspired mini: Coach

love y’all.



Alexa Dudley


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